About Us

Gianna House occupies the former convent of St. Veronica Catholic Church in Eastpointe, Michigan. It accommodates up to seven teen residents 17 years of age and under and their infants. Gianna House also serves as a pregnancy center for all pregnant woman, providing them with an alternative to abortion, to increase the number of full term healthy babies and to decrease the high infant mortality rate. Our aim is to change the lives of these adolescents and women who have chosen LIFE for their babies. We can do this through compassionate nursing, counseling referral services, and modeling God’s love for His children. We offer a nurturing, positive and highly therapeutic environment that transform lives.

At the heart of Gianna House programs is the belief that by helping a young parent we are helping their child and enabling a young family to live a positive, healthy, successful life. Through support, therapy and education we provide we can achieve our goal of changing the future two lives at a time.