What We Believe

babyAction not Advocacy

Efforts to end abortion consist of many symbolic gestures throughout our communities. They consist of “pink and blue flags”, bumper stickers, prayer vigils and other symbolic “advocacy” activities, especially on the anniversary of Roe v Wade. These efforts help to sway the thoughts of many regarding the problem and are noble in their intentions and results.

But Gianna House provides the tangible alternative to abortion. Without judgment or reservation, we will take in these young girls and reflect God’s infinite love for each of us back upon them. More than just a roof over their heads or a hot meal to keep them nourished, Gianna House is a place where care of all types, physical, emotional, and spiritual, can be provided for both mother and child. While most of the country is caught up in a bitter debate over abortion, we hope to do more than preach our belief in preserving each life God has created. It is one thing to present our moral convictions about her situation, and quite another, and a much larger task to provide for the multifaceted needs of an adolescent mother and child in the complex and challenging situation of adolescent pregnancy.

Gianna House is not proposed as a symbolic gesture for her! Gianna House is a tangible solution! Gianna House is an opportunity! But the opportunity is not just for that pregnant adolescent. It is also an opportunity for those who really want to make a difference in her life and the life of her unborn child, and maybe indirectly in their own conscience and soul.